Restatement of Purpose

This is something I do every now and then. It’s one thing to do something poetic and write out life goals and burn the paper and scatter the ashes to the four winds while a ten-piece Incan pipe band plays in the background, but who has time for that shit? […]

Garden 2: The Diggening

Okay. A bunch of lovely seeds are on the way: rhubarb, cucumbers, carrots, sunflowers, basil, amaranth, sorghum and three kinds of tomatoes. The beds have been filled with vetch, rye and oats since October, so they should be filled with joy and nitrogen. On Monday morning, I harvest half of […]

They’re back! Rejoice!

We had a client pitch this morning in San Dimas, and, on the way back, I convinced Sue and Jason to make a detour to Foster’s. They weren’t quite convinced that it was as great as I said, and I think I scared them a bit when the “Strawberry Donuts […]

Splitting hairs with a chainsaw

The only thing funnier than geeks dissecting something is geeks bitching about that something (note: following this link will be comedy gold, but it will also contain spoilers about the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. It will also alter your body chemistry, cause your sweat glands to emit phermones that […]

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