So, between Measure Map and Google Analytics, I’ve got stats up the wazoo. And the most fascinating stat is that I am, apparently, big in South Korea. The majority of my traffic is coming from Seoul.

Which has me wondering: what’s the deal? Do I have an enthusiastic following in Han’guk? Does my last name translate as the punchline for some dirty Korean joke? Or is this all bot traffic? If you’re in the ROK, please leave a comment. Kamsa hamnida.

3 thoughts on “Stat Nerd

  1. Well, I’m not sure if anybody’s gonna read this on a comment from the last year. But I’ll go on anyway because I thought I sensed a bit of paranoia there, rightfully and amusingly so, I might add.

    Since I know the ID of the spam-flavored stat report by the wazoo, I cannot help but lol, not at you sir Monsieur Rakunas or any commentator, but at the whole situation that started with the unfortunate name of your blog site.

    Just imagine that a lot of innocent citizens of Korea had to stop by your site on their way to to pay taxes and other payments before deadline. I’m sure they were not a happy crowd when they were here. But at least, let’s say, even 70 year-old Korean lady who’s never left the country in her life now knows you exist on the same planet. That’s a good thing… I guess.

    I just wanted to add that I personally think this is an interesting site that I might stop by and read from time to time. I got to know it a couple of days ago when I started googling… well, Anthony who’s on S that I’d started watching since the last season because of Yul.

    Well, it is totally possible you’d never come back to your April-04th-2006 comment. But anyway, ciao!

  2. Good thing I get comment reports. Yeah, it was an odd relief when AskMeta pointed out the payment site. I just hope the low bandwidth Korean page I set up isn’t a further insult.

    And here’s hoping Anthony rocks Fiji!

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