1) It is vital to put all self-consciousness into a locked shelf before pressing the play button. If, at any point during your gyrations, your self-consciousness tries to make a break for it, you will not have an enjoyable dance experience. You will, in fact, feel restrained, even shamed, to be bouncing around the living room as Dave Wakeling reminds you of the importance of tenderness in a loving relationship. Lock that drawer, and toss away the key. You can find it later.

2) Whatever your body wants to do, do it. Shake your hips. Slide your neck around like you’ve traded your vertebrae for a Slinky. Imitate those Elvis movie dancing girls, the ones who do the Twist while wearing beehive hairdos and mini-skirts. Let your mind go, and your booty will follow.

3) Make sure no one has a video camera nearby.