The Brass Ticket

After a few months of waiting, Ursula (one of our programmers) and I got separate invitations to Google Analytics. It was a very stokeful morning, setting up websites and goals, monkeying with charts, and waiting for the statistical goodness to roll in. That was about two weeks ago, and the […]

Please Be Wrong

Please, please, please, please, please, please let Seymour Hersh be wrong. Because being right is just too fucking horrifying to contemplate. All of this talk about keeping America safe and protecting the homeland and the Long War…no. No, no, no. I have had enough of these dickless jet jockeys masturbating […]

Stat Nerd

So, between Measure Map and Google Analytics, I’ve got stats up the wazoo. And the most fascinating stat is that I am, apparently, big in South Korea. The majority of my traffic is coming from Seoul. Which has me wondering: what’s the deal? Do I have an enthusiastic following in […]

Two quick things

1) I had a cold all weekend long, which meant NyQuil shots, which meant weird dreams. Friday night’s was a corker: Harlan Ellison was pursuing me through the library on the cover of Dangerous Visions, all the while threatening to punch large holes in me, the same way he did […]

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