It’s been a busy two weeks since our last venture to the mailbox, and it ain’t getting any prettier. Some new candidate mailers, some ballot initiative screeds, and more dead trees. Spin, Founding Fathers, spin!

I’m redoing my measurements: from now one, I’m counting who’s spending the money. Which means a candidate may be on a mailer, but unless it’s stated he’s spending the bread, it won’t go in his tally.

Bob Holbrook, City Council: three solo mailers
Gleam Davis, City Council: two solo mailers, one paid slate mailer
Pam O’Connor, City Council: one solo mailer, one paid slate mailer
Kevin McKeown, City Council: two solo mailers, one paid slate mailer
Tom Donner, SMC Board of Trustees: one solo mailer (by the way, Tom: I had to Google your campaign site. Whoever’s doing your marketing sucks.)
Oscar de la Torre, School Board: one solo mailer, one paid slate mailer
Nancy Greenstein, Louise Jaffe, Andrew Walzer, David Finkel, SMC Board of Trustees: two paid slate mailers. (I’m lumping them together ’cause that’s how they appeared on the mailers. Please, people, continue to be cheap and work together. I don’t want to make a Ruby on Rails app just to keep track of you.) Also, special note about Andrew Walzer: he’s the only candidate I’ve met face-to-face; anyone who can campaign at the Farmers’ Market on a Saturday and stay in the race deserves some kind of notice. Plus, he wants to bring the manual arts back to SMC.

Santa Monicans for Sensible Marijuana Policy: two Yes on Y mailers (Y would make pot the lowest police priority. How many of the local pizzarias ponied up for this?)
Santa Monica Police Officers’s Association (they actually spelled this three different ways on the mailer, so I’m going to go with the one that’s the most wrong): one No on Y mailer
Election Watchdog: three No on W mailers (W would rewrite the city charter, allowing politicians to take campaign cash, gifts or a job from companies that do business with the city)
Friends of Safe and Clean Santa Monica Beaches: two Yes on V mailers (V would implement a parcel tax to finance the city’s watershed plan)
Committee for School Safety and Repair: one Yes on BB mailer (BB has…you know, I really don’t care at this point. It’s For The Children.)
Santa Monica Firefighters PAC: one candidate slate mailer (Holbrook, O’Day, Mckeown)
Community for Excellent Public Schools (who I’ve never heard of until these slunk into the mailbox): two candidate/initiative mailers
California Teachers Association PAC: one candidate/initiative mailer

And, last but not least, my favorite bastards from both sides of city politics:

Santa Monicans for Renters Rights’ (spelled two different ways on their mailers, and this is their apostrophic sin): three slate mailers, who the fuck cares what they like
Santa Monicans for Sensible Priorities PAC (or, NAMBLA): five candidate slate mailers (all sloppy blowjobs to Terry O’Day and Holbrook) and four anti-candidate mailers, including letter one from the president of the Edward Thomas Company (also known as NAMBLA), all against Kevin McKeown.

So far, that means the hoteliers are in the lead. Keep it coming, guys! Expect a bill for my time.