So, Scott dropped in on Saturday, and, while we were talking about racing next year (and, yes, we all are. I’m planning on a triumphant return to Camp Pendleton, where I’ll rip through that course like a ferret on crank [note to self: don’t forget crank-flavored gels]), he brought up our little pact from last year: that he and I would race Ironman New Zealand in 2007.

Now, while we could still get in, the chances of us surviving the course without permanently damaging ourselves are slim to Oh-Sweet-Mother-Of-God-That-Hurts, so we pushed it to 2008. So, I declare now in front of all the Intar-Tubes: I am going to enter Ironman New Zealand 2008, and I will finish it without throwing up. However, I reserve the right to weep copious tears around mile twenty-one of the marathon.

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  1. Adam, my son helped and cheered at IMNZ’05 after cycling around the country for 3 months. He filmed it – a great course! You likely don’t remember me – yonks ago from olio – and I happened upon your name from a tribute to Leslie Harpold. Life’s strange twists of fate.

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