3 thoughts on “Whose Tech Team Sucks More?

  1. I’ll start: MySpace. All that NewsCorp money, and the damn thing breaks like a toothpick model of Twiggy.

  2. Huh? Is them things on the intarnets? Can you find them with the Google?

    I have enough trouble keeping my first life together. The last thing I need is a second one to fuck up, so I’ve never been there. I guess that means their tech team is perfect, since I’ve never had to use them. Vote #2 for MySpace.

  3. I’ll third MySpace. I think they only get away with it because all the crufty code they use has been around since Web 1.0, and when it screws up, all you see is error pages, rather than a raft of zombies or exploding posters or “oh shit I can’t move” moments, like you get in a virtual world.

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