Here’s the thing: you live in Los Angeles, you’re going to know people involved in television, movies and music. It’s just like if you lived in Omaha, you’d probably know someone in insurance or, I dunno, steaks. It’s just one of the industries.

That means it’s easy to become jaded when you hear about someone being on TV, especially if it’s the reality kind. I’ve known two people who appeared on reality shows, and the only charm was seeing my high school classmate get ribbed for sticking with her assclown of a boyfriend (and, yes, I hang my head in shame that I watched Temptation Island). I think we watched only one episode of Alex’s Survivor, and that was because it was at the end of a TnT workout and there was food and beer involved.

However, it’s tough not to be excited when Diana sent this link around. Holy crap! Here’s hoping our man Anthony takes all!