Would the instrumentals from Frank Zappa’s The Grand Wazoo make for good children’s music? Because I keep listening to “Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus” and think how it would have appealed to my young and tender mind, and the results are pretty darn good. And while I don’t want to be one […]


Dear Santa Monica City Council Members- Yesterday, I got a parking ticket outside my apartment. Now, this happens on the occasional Tuesday or Wednesday when I forget to move my car for the street sweepers, but yesterday was Monday. The SMPD Interceptors usually stay away from my neighborhood on Mondays, […]

Tough to tell…

This morning’s ride was good. Kept up with the pack, had a nice guy who manufactures snack foods pick my brain about advertising (I now understand why golf is the business sport of choice; it’s tough to get chummy at 20 mph on a busy street), didn’t have an H2 […]

No more hate

I had an idea for a book that stemmed from a story I wrote. It was about the aftermath of a second American Civil War, when the country was partitioned along the mythical red and blue lines. One of the things that helped precipitate the war was good ol’ talk […]

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