I got dropped today.

La Grange Velo has a Friday recovery ride. I went last week, and it wrecked me, but I managed to keep in the middle of the pack. Today, with the wind and all its flakiness, I was sure I’d be able to repeat that performance, maybe improve on it.

Oh, no. Nonononono.

I got dropped by the entire peloton, and it was embarrassing. And you know what? I have no one to blame but myself. It wasn’t the wind, it wasn’t my jacket creating drag, it wasn’t my rig, it wasn’t the pace. It was me. And I realize that saying “I got dropped” is a load of passive voice bullshit. It makes it sound like something happened to me, rather than me failing to do something. If I’m hit by a giant pink elephant that materializes out of nowhere, that’s okay to have that happen to me. But today? I just sucked.

Sunday is my first cycle race, and I had all these visions of glory. And now? I just want to keep up with the peloton. Suck it up.