I don’t like riding near anyone with headphones, no matter what they say about how they can hear the ambient traffic noise. If you ride in the city, you need to keep sharp, especially if the streets are filled with stealth ninja cars.

However, I can’t help but look at these new bibs and think how freakin’ cool they are.

One thought on “Excuse me while I reboot my shorts

  1. I hate to say it buddy but I ride in traffic while listening to the news or music all the time, and I can hear traffic just fine. Cars are _loud_. Especially when you’re only a few feet away from them and there’s no big plate of glass between you. (I agree that the ninja cars are a little freaky and we have plenty of them up here in hippieville.)

    The stuff in my headphones never is all that loud. I certainly wouldn’t use isolation headphones like the over-the-ear kind or the kind that act as earplugs, and I don’t zone out. But I really don’t think it moves the safety dial for me.

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