Since it’s 500 yen/day for wifi, I’ll wait to post this until I get to Shanghai, where it will be even more expensive, just ’cause that’s the way the Ramada will probably work.

Things I’ve learned so far:
1) ANA flight attendants are adorable with their purple neck scarves that look like vampire Muppets.
2) Seafood with cream sauce two nights in a row is a bad idea
3) The trick to beating westbound jet lag is going for a run ass early in the morning. That way, you’re so tired your body simply submits to the time change without a struggle.
4) Babies crying and kids fidgeting is the same in any language.
5) One day, I will taste the sweet fruits of trans-Pacific First Class. Oh, yes.

It’s cool to be in this airport where my dad traveled so many times when I was a kid. Granted, there was probably zero romance in it for him (even though I’ll beat he didn’t fly steerage), but what the hell. Narita looks like I’d expected: lots of glass and brushed metal, lots of duty-free shops, displays of plastic ramen in the window. I passed a Malaysian family, with the women in head scarves, and a gaggle of Japanese schoolgirls in matching tan uniforms. The guy sitting next to me at the gate to Shanghai is American, nasal and cocky as hell about his wheelings and dealings. With his Mac and designer glasses, he looks like he’s coming home from something like State of Play, where Ken just was. His Mandarin and Wu are probably better than mine. He will probably be my seatmate.

Off to find bottled water, as I gave up mine at the re-screening. One day, I will find Al-Qaeda and kick all of them in the balls, just for making the world incredibly stupid about travel.