Street Food Breakfast

Today, I made myself get out of the hotel, walk out into the pounding rain and get my own food. Granted, I went to the same street Ken and Yuki took me to yesterday (the one where I got incredibly good noodles), and it took me three laps around the block to work up the bottle to approach a stall and do the point and order, and my pants are entirely soaked, but, dammit, I got what I wanted: two bao and one of these scallion omelettes. The bao were filled with sweet and spicy meatballs rather than the shreds of pork I’m used to, and the dumpling itself was thick and chewy. The omelette is crispy, almost like bread, with a light dabbing of chili paste. They may turn my intestines into Swiss cheese in a few hours, but, right now, they were the best thing I’ve eaten this entire trip. And all for 3.6 Y, or about fifty cents.