Shanghai – Pudong Airport Ramada

Call me a wussbag, but I am incredibly comforted by the familiarity of a Western hotel. I can get all freaky-deaky native when I get to Chengdu tomorrow, but now, I just want a room that looks like every other I’ve stayed in. Now going to collapse. Trans-Pacific flights suck […]


Since it’s 500 yen/day for wifi, I’ll wait to post this until I get to Shanghai, where it will be even more expensive, just ’cause that’s the way the Ramada will probably work. Things I’ve learned so far: 1) ANA flight attendants are adorable with their purple neck scarves that […]


It’s not just a command; it’s the name of the breakfast/lunch place across Magnolia from our office. And I highly recommend getting Ned’s Shreds (think hash browns with zuccini mixed in) to go with your eggs and chicken apple sausage. It made both mouth and tummy happy. If you live […]

Three years, baby!

How better to celebrate three years of awesome with three plates of awesome? Dinner at Josie’s was eight kinds of excellent, and I easily had the hottest date in the house. Next time, though, we’ll only get the fried rapini if we’ve got more than two people at table. Jebus, […]

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