Friends? Dude.

I’m always torn whenever someone from the UAE adds me as a friend on Flickr or when someone from Brazil pings me on Orkutt. On the one hand, hey, someone from the other side of the world, cool. On the other, I’m just a pawn in some bizarre game of […]

“I’ve always wondered…

…has it always been like this? Have clients always been an unbelievable pain in the ass? When the first turd merchants slithered out of the primordial muck to sell their wares, did they run into some bastard who said, ‘No, I’m sorry, but these turds aren’t brown enough’?”

Yokohama – Heading Out

Exhausted. Full of curry. Ready to come home. That’s the problem with trying to do travelogues: you do so much that when you have time to update, you’re too damn tired. All panels were excellent, and I feel lucky as hell to have talked about blogging, virtual worlds and the […]