So, I’m eating at the Pit Fire, when this Escalade SUV double parks, someone leaps out and a crowd of desperate people gathers. They’re holding cameras with giant lenses, all such regular looking guys, with one tattooed woman, looking bored. Six of them, pacing, waiting for their target (Lindsey Lohan […]

The Key is to Commit

Fucked up. That’s the best way to describe Canned Peaches in Syrup, now playing at the Furious Theatre. Since Ken works at the Pasadena Playhouse, we were treated to an evening of star-crossed love, questions of faith, and bad skin. Lots and lots of bad skin. Plus vomit. The performances […]

Dear ABC…

If you do anything at all to mess with Pushing Daisies, then it is over between us. I don’t care what you do with Lost or anything else, but leave this show alone and let it grow. It is perfect, perhaps the most perfect thing you’ve ever allowed on that […]

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