I dig Twitter, but I have to make sure that it doesn’t become my only online writing outlet. Pretty soon, I’m going start limiting my pithy statements to one hundred forty characters, and that’s just too damn short (unless one’s trying to crank out a flash piece within those constraints. And I’m still interested in tryout the Twitter/Facebook story…). Remember when people bitched about blogs killing the art of the well-crafted email? I haven’t heard the backlash, but it’s in the post. That, or it’s been delivered, and my inbox has filed it under Stuff That’s Not Important Even If It Comes From The Intartubes.

Now, there’s a place for Twitter, and I think it’s this: focusing your funny. Twitter doesn’t have the social/locational aspects of Dodgeball, and it shouldn’t. It’s also crap as an aggregator; I followed the BBC for a bit and had to turn them off because the flow of headlines drowned out interesting stuff (push died its whimpering little death ten years ago, guys). Twitter shines when people find themselves with an interesting thought or are in an interesting situation and want let people know about it. You’ve got one hundred forty characters to make me laugh; make ’em count.

But I have to remember that, as addicting as it is to deal in pithy statements, editors seem to like things that are longer, and longer works require more effort. So, suck it up. Write more. Stretch.