Never enough of it. Always want more of it. I need time for my now-injured pin to heal. I need time to write, train, eat, sleep and, y’know, be married. I need time to shrink during my commute, expand during everything else (except trips to the dentist). I need time […]

Buzz, buzz…

SMC closes their pool down at the end of every year for maintenance, so I’ve had to find other places to swim until January. The best option has been the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks pool, not too far from work. Granted, the showers are just above lukewarm, and the pool’s […]

Two Updates

1) Oh my God are my gums killing me, but that’s what happens when you go to the dentist twenty months after your previous visit. It blows my mind that we’re still scraping our teeth with sticks, but what the hell. I’ll never miss another dental appointment again. 2) Remember […]