Flash! Ah-ahhhhhh!

So, back when Scott and I started Ironman training in earnest, we joked about how cool it would be to race in costume (and by “cool,” I mean “maximally dorktastic”). Jedi outfits were out because those guys are genetically pre-ordained, which is antithetical to the idea of us training for this race. Also, the Jedi are great big losers.

Historical costumes were a bad idea, too, because no other era than ours has been built around comfortable clothes. Powdered wigs on the bike? Helmets won’t fit. Greek robes in the water? Too draggy. Mongolian armor on the run? Clanky.

That left the superhero category, which is convenient since every superhero’s outfit is made of body-hugging material, with the exceptions of Swamp Thing and Flannel Shirt Man. Superman would be the obvious choice, since he’s the Man of Steel. John Dunbar already did that gig in 1979, however, and it would be inviting all sorts of unwise comparisons. So, we settled for our favorites: Spiderman and the Flash.

I didn’t think anything would come of this until Scott brought over a Voler fit kit and plans for how to make this spandex dream happen. He was going to make these damn things come hell or high waists, and who was I to poo-poo my teammate? I made with the fitting, Scott made with the iron-on decals, and this is the result.

(Scott’s jersey, which you’ll see on Flickr eventually, came from eBay. UPDATE: here’s Scott.)

We’re not going to wear these on race day, but we’re certainly going to ride around Taupo in them beforehand. God help us.

5 thoughts on “Flash! Ah-ahhhhhh!

  1. Wow…WOW….AWESOME.

    And why are you not wearing those during the race? Huh? Whyyyyyyy?!?!?!

  2. The problem, like so many problems in this modern world, is the pants. Since these are knickers, I can’t roll them up if it gets warm. Also, there’s no way in hell I’m running a marathon with that thick chamois. But don’t worry, dude, there will be shots of us in the saddle wearing these getups.



    (the whole DC angle plus the lightning bolts aiming to the region we were afraid to even look at until we were out of high school because of the ever-lovin’ nuns!)


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