No Clarion this summer. This, of course, is a bummer and a half, but it does mean I can focus on two things: 1) the novel and 2) kicking Jon Cryer’s ass at Malibu. You hear me, Ducky? You and Mulder both, you’re going to eat my dust!

Also, this means I’m going to the UCSD library this summer just to find out what the hell does pass muster. Research your markets, right?



3 thoughts on “2 for 2

  1. Well, that just means that you’ll have plenty of time to write subversive materials for Science Fiction L.A. (I know, I’m absolutely shamelss).

    Seriously, you’ll get there and to help, I’m suggesting getting Fictionados revved back up and moving foward at speed once again. We’ve taken a long enough break. Write on, my brutha!

  2. Getting there. In another couple of weeks, I think. Writing has been slow lately.

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