1) We survived the trip from LAX to Florida and back. No limbs were eaten by eels, sharks or retirees. Floating above the wreck of the Spiegel Grove with eighty feet of water overhead was a marvelous experience, made even better by doing it with Anne and Chris. It made up for the cramped seats on Spirit Airways and the fact that, while the people at the desk think that row 10 is the emergency row with the sweet leg room, it was a pile of Not Fun.

2) Mark Zuckerberg is my new Evil Corporate Nemesis, taking the place of Steve Jobs (though I’ll probably put ol’ Steve-o back up if I ever buy an iPhone). Why? Because he represents the company who thinks that the following is a Good Idea:
– I make a Facebook page for a client’s product. Said product is a movie, and said movie has a soundtrack that will get the kids a-hippin’ and a-hoppin’.
– I want to put Facebook’s Music Player application on this page in order to facilitate the aforementioned hippin’ and hoppin’.
– The Music Player says, “First, I’m gonna need to confirm that you do, in fact, formally represent the movie in question. You can confirm this by uploading a scan of your student ID, your driver’s license or your passport.”

Now, the magical disclaimer says that I can black out any sensitive information as long as my name and picture are still visible. I know this is all so Facebook has its ass covered in case the RIAA Cops start kicking in doors and waving their weapons-grade subpoenas around, but still. Who in their right fucking minds would trust these Facebook assclowns with any of the information on a fucking passport just to upload music? Screw you, Mark Zuckerberg! You’re probably not responsible for this, but between this and the awful UI and everything else, screw you!