I am not going to watch the Beijing Olympics. I will not have them on our tv at home, period. I will probably go on the Tivo and give everything with “Olympic” in its title three thumbs down. I won’t click on any Olympic news stories, and just might avoid NBC and its sister stations altogether (which will be tough, now that Eureka is back).

This is supremely blowful because I want to see my brother’s friend Amin Nikfar throw shot. I want to see if Dara Torres can kick as much ass now as she did in the ’84 games. I want to see the cycling and the triathlon and the sheer ferocious beauty of the 100m dash.

But all of that is overshadowed by Beijing’s overwhelming oppression, the IOC’s hypocrisy, and having to listen to Bob fucking Costas drone on and on. That’s just too much bullshit for a man to take just to watch some athletics. So, have fun without me, people. I’ll be in the saddle or the pool or sweating for myself.

One thought on “Count me out

  1. I’m torn. I hate to do anything that might be seen as support of Beijing’s tactics, and the IOC has been badly in need of purging for some time, but the dedication and sacrifices of the individual athletes certainly deserve some respect (and I’m not going to go into the hypocrisy of comparing the actual amateurs who manage to get to the Olympics as compared to the state-sponsored, pros-in-all-but-name ones. Frankly, I think we need two competitions – one for the folks who have to overcome the challenges of working their training into their everyday lives and one for the ones who get paid a salary by their government to train).

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