…I still feel that screaming into the void helps, especially around election time. If anything, it keeps my spleen intact.

So it should be no surprise that, as soon as one of those pay-to-play election guides darkening our doorstep, I’d get worked up, especially since it has the words VOTING GUIDE FOR DEMOCRATS across the top. Oh, yes, you shilling bastards, tell me how to vote. Tell me that Democrats should vote yes on that hateful sack of crap called Prop 8. Tell me to vote for Ted Winterer, the assclown whose pet ballot measure will undo LUCE. Please. Tell me more. Come closer, so you can tell me without raising your voice. That’s right. A little closer. Right within RAGE FANG DISTANCE, YOU MORONS.

All better. Time for yoga and pizza and giving $10 to the No on 8 people.

2 thoughts on “I know I’m just one man, but…

  1. Verrry interesting to see where our supposedly liberal party falls. It’s almost enough to make you vote Green.

    It’s always good to make up your own mind, but the LA Weekly usually has a pretty good summary of the candidates and propositions.

  2. To be fair, the mailer wasn’t endorsed by the Democratic Party. I’m sure the people who paid to get on were counting on people not being able to tell the difference, which is just that much more insulting, really.

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