1) Not a crushing win this time, but a setup for 2012’s landslide. All of those organizers who turned a lot of red counties purple aren’t going away; they’ll be activated for Congressional races in 2010 and for some serious work for Obama’s re-election.

2) Holy crap, I just typed “Obama’s re-election.”

3) The GOP leadership is going to split into three factions lead by Bobby Jindal, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. Romney is going to represent the money, Palin the theocrats, and Jindal’s going to have to play to both in order to get the nomination. It will not be pretty.

4) You can bet your ass I’m going to send money to whoever’s running against Palin in 2010. Now that Mark Begich has lost to Ted Stevens (and, Alaska, WTF?), I think he’s going to make a play. Count on President Obama to make a few trips to Anchorage. [EDIT: Wrong! Welcome, Senator-elect Begich!]

5) Holy crap, I just typed “President Obama.”

6) Every right-wing radio screamer and the on-air staff at Fox News must be thanking their lucky stars right now, ’cause they’ve just gotten four years of guaranteed ratings. The Stupid Hate Vote needs a place to get its propaganda.

7) California gay activists are going to start making serious alliances with churches up and down the state in order to whomp the living crap out of the ballot measure that will overturn Prop 8’s new constitutional bigotry. Obama won by raising a ton of cash and having a volunteer army knock on doors; the bigots outgunned and outspent us on this. And, on a personal note, I totally fucked up by not doing anything other than donate cash and put out a yard sign. I suck. [EDIT: Apparently, the whole thing is still too close to call due to the 4 million absentee and provisional ballots still to be counted. I still suck for not doing more, but we may yet have a bigotry-free state constitution.] [EDIT: Nope, bigots won. For now.]

8) There’s going to be a crop of blue-state babies come late July/early August. Tell me there wasn’t a hell of a lot of Election Night Victory Humping.

9) And, on a local note, all four incumbents were re-elected to the Santa Monica city council, including Bobby Shriver, who actually called me on Sunday night after I told his wife (who’d called earlier) that he didn’t have my vote because of his support for Measure T. I had the odd feeling, when the phone rang ten minutes after I’d spoken with Mrs. Shriver, that there was a candidate on the other end. “Adam!” he said, like he was an old buddy about to give me the business for disagreeing with his taste in music. It was weird, but he was polite and took the hint.

But, to get back to the council race, I think the four incumbents won based on name recognition, which was reinforced by either fame (in the case of Shriver) or the dreaded Glossy Campaign Mailers. Katz, Genser and Bloom had the cash to print and mail the damn things, as did Ted Winterer and Michael Kovac (whom I’ve named the I Have A Website candidate, ’cause that seems to be all he had). It was a pretty hefty gap between Katz (13,646) and Winterer (9,760), but one that probably could have been overcome with more of those mailers, plus calls and door knocks. Susan Hartley, who came in between Winterer and I Have A Website, actually came to our place on Saturday. Granted, she seemed more interested in talking with my mom about the dimanthia than, y’know, asking us for our votes, but she was there. In this whole campaign cycle, I never saw one of the candidates at the farmers market or the Promenade or any place where the local voting public congregates (though they might have gone to the Wednesday, Pico or Main Street markets). If I ever got it into my skull to do something as stupid as run for a city office, I’d be making myself as visible as possible every chance I had. I’d also try and figure out who those 13,646 people were who voted for Katz and start courting their asses. (Though, I will give this to I Have A Website: dude bought Facebook ads that targeted Santa Monicans like me. I’d be curious to see how it paid off for a future run.)


2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts

  1. Adam,

    You should run. I couldn’t do it for next year and maybe won’t now run for public office (who knows), but you should give it a go. You’re passionate and committed and you should seriously consider putting a campaign together.

    If you do, I’ll come over and knock on doors.

  2. The problem, Tom, is that, while I’d be a pretty good campaigner, I would suck at the actual governance. I have tried and tried to listen to the city council simulcasts on radio, and they are boring. Incredibly boring. I would fall asleep during meetings, and that wouldn’t do anyone any good.

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