It’s not that all of the past year has been bad. Really, now that I’ve sat down and gone over everything, the ups beat the downs. That doesn’t mean 2008 wasn’t a long, tiring slog to the finish line.

The Ups:
Ken & Jeanne’s wedding
-Diving in Key Largo
“The Right People” finding a home
-Bringing Kirby and Leo over to the Dark Side
-Staying married to a righteous babe
-Getting a new bike
Getting a new president

The downs? Best not mentioned, unless it’s to point out that they provided important lessons on personal buoyancy (ie when stuff tries to pull you down, kick it the hell away so you can float up).

And, of course, the world is still in that slowly burning handbasket, what with Gaza and Pakistan and Guinea and every other festering sore in the world. The bastards who raided America’s treasury will probably get away scot-free, Pushing Daisies is still canceled, and we’re just a cow’s sneeze away from devolving into cannibalism. This is nothing new.

What is new is that fresh crop of New that always pops its head up in January. And I will do my damnedest to use that New for the best, and to make sure the ground is fertile for the next crop, and the next, and the one after that. There’s a New racing season, New stories to write, New trouble in Montreal (though my liver has been complaining about that since I bought the ticket), New New New.

And I say thank you for that.