1020 Arrive Montreal-Trudeau Airport
1025 Find first Montreal bagel and inhale it
1200 Arrive Palais de Congres
1205 Find first Montreal smoked meat sandwich and inhale it
1300-Onward Engage in wild orgy of meals at Au Pied de Cochon, pints of Fin du Monde with old friends, maybe attend a few panels.

(I do very much want to see Melissa Auf Der Maur’s Out Of Our Minds on Friday night, and I know Jetse de Vries and Daryl Gregory will be holding forth on some Very Cool Stuff. But otherwise, I’m going to try and soak in as much of Montreal as I can while making sure Andrew Tisbert doesn’t destroy my liver.)

1500 Leave Montreal-Trudeau
2100 Arrive LAX

0745 Rock the Brentwood Grand Prix with the Triathletix 4/5s
0830 Collapse