Hi, Bobby! It’s your old buddy, Adam. Remember me? You called me last November and asked me to vote for you, and I said I wouldn’t because you were promoting that ballot measure that the I’ve-Got-Mine Homeowners association was pushing? Of course you remember me. We’re buds!

Anyway, remember how we were talking about the county ballot initiative to raise the sales tax for transportation, and how I was pretty sure we were going to get federal funding for a Westside subway extension, and you said it wasn’t going to happen in our lifetimes?

The MTA is going to start exploratory drilling in Santa Monica this week.

It’s still got a ways to go, but there will be a subway from Downtown to Santa Monica, and it’ll happen when we’re both alive and will be able to use it. And when it opens, I’ll be happy to pay for your first ride. See you on the train, Bobby!