Grace is snoozing away in Anne’s arms while our lunch (rice and dumplings) and dinner (roast chicken with pesto) cook away. This will be the first non-hospital food we’ve had in two days, though I recall us sneaking in a patty melt and milkshake from Izzy’s the night she was born. Really, this is all a blur of plastic bassinets, rotating nurses, and a tiny, tiny person with a mighty grip.

Grace Laural Rakunas was born at 6.24 in the evening on Boxing Day, 2009, and it was so fast. One minute, I’m holding our birth mom’s hand as Roy Silver, our friend, walked into the room and into his scrubs; the next, there’s this little girl slipping out like she was on a waterslide (which, in a way, she was). I cried, Anne cried, Grace cried, but only a little bit (Grace, that is. I bawled my eyes out and lost a contact lens, so I was literally half-blind as I cut the cord). After she was warmed up and rolled into the nursery, we got to hold her and feed her and I understood what my mom meant when she said this cord was just going to spring from your chest and wrap itself around the kid and never let go. It tugs whenever Grace cries or sleeps or makes one of those big baby sighs.

We got through the first night by swapping off shifts and learned a few things right away:

1) She loves eating
2) She’s not a fan of pooping
3) She sleeps best when we’re holding her

We are over the moon about all of these things. Even the poop, though I’ve now upped our weekly order with Dy-Dee Diapers.

I think the best part of all this has been the ridiculous outpouring of love from our family and friends. Every email, Tweet and Facebook update about her has melted the both of us, and it’s going to take a while to thank everyone with the individual notes you all deserve. I’m especially thankful for every one of you who’s shared that you were adopted (or are married to someone who’s adopted, or has parents or siblings or cousins who are adopted). Grace is in a club with some pretty awesome members, and I think it’s going to make for some very happy birthdays.

Our moms are coming Tuesday, and we’re going to start receiving other guests on Wednesday (I wish there were an app to make scheduling this all so much easier. Is there?). The first of the pictures are up on Flickr here, and there will probably be a ton more.

And now I have to wipe my eyes and blow my nose and inhale some food and do laundry while I can. Grace will be up soon, and I’ll be too busy staring at her while she feeds and burps and sighs to do anything else.

Welcome into the world, Grace. We love you so much.

12 thoughts on “Grace, Internets. Internets, Grace.

  1. yay yay yay!

    k & i will be making a trip down there for a 4-day weekend mid january. we would so much love to be able to meet grace, and will keep you posted about our plans!!

  2. We are so stoked for you guys. Grace is lucky to have such loving, caring, committed parents. Looking forward to meeting her.

  3. Awww heck *I* cried reading this.

    I am just so happy for the whole Rakunas clan, and Anne’s family too. Such a wonderful, amazing gift and after so much time, and effort, I know you will be fantastic parents.

    I guess no more NZ multi events for you in the foreseeable future Adam ? :o)

    Your Mom’s Kiwi friend ( and another, older, member of the adoption club), Lisa.

  4. I’m sooooo happy for all of you! Grace is one lucky girl, and you two are so deserving of this amazing gift! I can’t wait to meet her. Hugs, kisses and lot of love to you both Xoxoxo S

  5. Welcome lovely little Grace! Congratulations to all of you connected with this new souls arrival among us. I have to tell you Grace, I haven’t met your mother, and I hope to one day, but you’ve picked a great dad with a big heart and a BIG hug. That I know from experience! Love from Arlo’s Colorado grandparents (Deb and Hal)

  6. Very happy for you guys. Just remember when Grace is 18, USC tuition will be $1 million a year and she’ll graduate in three months. With honors, of course.

  7. Okay, Okay..I succumbed to Twitter…not for you or Anne (well partly for you two) but for Grace!! Can’t wait till she can start taking pictures of all of you!!! haha. Really….I can’t tell you both how happy I am for you. You guys have waited so long for this miracle and now she is in your arms and filling your lives with poop!! What could be better than that? Love to all three of you! Jill

  8. I can hardly see my monitor through the tears in my eyes.

    Anne and Adam – you are going to be the most awesomeist parents ever. You have so much love, so much joy and so many gifts to give your baby girl.

    Grace – welcome to this big, crazy, wonderful world. You are loved by so many. Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow!!


  9. I cried too! I am soo happy for you three. What an amazing and beautiful journey you are on, Grace is blessed to have chosen you as her parents.
    Love and Smiles,

  10. We are so so excited for you guys!! We can’t wait to meet baby Grace…you are going to make the most amazing parents!! Let us know what else you need. P.S.Eventually you will catch up on sleep=)It is all totally worth it!!! XOXO Alex, Amy and The Girls

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