1) How to properly tune a bike’s drivetrain, including knowing how to adjust the rear derailleur when I swap wheels.
2) All of Bach’s first cello suite, not just the prelude.
3) How to stop feeling so beat down every time the day ends with a screaming kid.
4) How to make a good pico de gallo. Every time I make it, it’s always missing something, a low note that commercial versions have.
5) How to get to bed on time. I used to know how to do that. Now it’s midnight, and I’m still up. What the hell?
6) Spanish. ‘Cause why not?
7) The proper form for squats and dead lifts. Also, a way to work out at home that doesn’t interfere with Nurturing Time (I have the feeling this will probably turn into finding a gym that has child care that doesn’t freak me out).
8) More rhyming and clapping songs, because even I’m sick of hearing “The Wheels On The Bus.”
9) How to write a third draft that kicks so much ass it leaves bruises.
10) How to ignore Newt Gingrich.

And now, I’m going to bed. Good night.