One last election post: no matter who wins, we will still never be rid of the recurring problems of Political Attention Addicts. In two years, the Half-Term Halfwit, the Semi-Sentient Hairpiece and That Bloated Adulterous Pustule will be back, trying to get another fix of the spotlight. We can’t vote out the ratings-hungry producers who let these creatures–who would barely pass a Voight-Kampff test–re-enter our public consciousness. We’re not going to have a better political process until more of us start paying the right kind of attention and get past sweater vests and hair and how candidates make us feel and start screaming bloody murder about candidates that plan on fucking us over for their own benefit. And if that means you and I and everyone with a conscience and brain cells have to start organizing and running and doing all the crap work it takes to get elected, we will have to do it.

There is too much at stake in the next thirty to forty years to leave the hard decisions up to pundits who hop from one cable show to the other, or candidates who are only interested in hoovering up contributions. We need to make serious concrete plans on how our society is going to deal with climate change. We need to make sure that the runaway costs of health care get reined in before our parents retire and crush the system. We need to make sure that women have control of their own bodies, that their health problems don’t get sidelined so someone can get subsidized boner pills. We need to kick our addiction to carbon. Anyone who talks about anything else is a distraction and should be ignored. I’d like the second half of my life to be a good one, and I’d like all of my daughter’s life to be excellent.

Vote, because your life does depend on it. And then we’ll get to work on the next round.