Last night, I got an envelope from Hoboken, New Jersey. It was not the envelope I expected.

Hoboken is home to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I’d submitted a short story entitled “Oh Give Me A Home” back in September, and I’d included a self-adressed, stamped envelope, as per their guidelines. This was not my envelope. It had a printed address label. Maybe my envelope got soaked from Hurricane Sandy, I thought, though a tiny voice in the back of my head said, …or maybe not.

I handed the envelope to Anne. She opened it and looked at me with a big grin. “There’s a check inside,” she said, holding it up along with a contract.

Am I stoked? Hey, man, are fish tacos awesome?

I have no idea when it will be published, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know. And thank you to everyone who read and critiqued it; you helped me make a better story.

tl;dr Holy crap, I sold a story to F&SF!

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