Hello. My name is Adam Rakunas, and this is my website. You’re likely here because of my story, “Oh Give Me A Home,” just published in the July/August 2013 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It was my first pro sale, and I was, how you say, stoked beyond belief. So stoked, in fact, that I overlooked one teeny-tiny bit in the last copy edits: the URL of my website.

Giro.com is the home of a company that makes fine bicycle and snow sport equipment, including a helmet that kept my friend Leo Dirac from fracturing his skull. If you’re in the market for gear to protect your head, I highly recommend them.

I don’t, however, have a blog there. I should have caught the error during editing. But now we’ve both had a little adventure, and maybe you’ve decided to get some new gloves or bike shoes as a result of your wandering. You can also read my first semi-pro sale “The Right People” over at Futurismic, a website that I hope will be up and running once its publisher finishes his graduate work; you can also buy “The Right People” for your Kindle (all proceeds go straight into my Universal Taco Fund, which I will use to buy all the tacos in the Universe).

What else do I have going on, writing-wise? Novels, man, novels. Short stories are tough for me, because, once I start writing, I usually have a hard time shutting up. I have two in the can, one of which I’m working on getting published the traditional way (and, yes, I know all about self-publishing, and, no, I’m not going down that route yet). Check this space for updates.

Right. Thank you for coming here. Feel free to poke around. I need to go get breakfast.