Well, it’s about time I made my meager back catalog get to work, seeing how it’s done nothing since mid-2009. Yes, I’m chasing the Self-Publishing Dream and have put “The Right People” up on Amazon’s Kindle Store. You can buy it here for ninety-nine of your Yankee cents.

The process was a lot less painless than I thought it would be, though it now means my little story about the student body at Ronald Reagan High School has to fight its way through the brutal slush pile that is the Kindle Store, elbowing aside apocalyptic tales and vampire romances and all the other novellas about social networking, high school politics, and a closet full of Margaret Thatcher RealDolls. I have faith in Gene and G.R., though, and, hell, maybe this will get me to write the sequel, where the boys go to college. Hope you enjoy it.