2015: Opus fac

Last night, Midnight’s Twitter Game Tag was #2014InFiveWords. My entry? “That could have gone better.” Which is a dumb thing for me to write because, on the whole, 2014 was a hell of a good year, albeit one punctuated by horrible moments of great magnitude. My family went to England […]


Almost two years ago, I was in a very crowded room in Chicago, watching a looping video of aliens and monsters destroying various London landmarks. The committee bidding to host Worldcon in London had won, and what better way to celebrate their hard work by showing us how easily their […]

Writing: Oy

In November of 1996 (oh my God, that feels so long ago), I made a website on Geocities. I felt like I had things to say, and the web, in all its HTML 1.0 glory, made it possible for me to say them to the entire world. Or, rather, to […]

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