The best part about being a writer is that you get to be a reader before everyone else.

Late last year, Daryl Gregory sent me a draft of his latest book, Afterparty. I had a cold and was high as a kite on sinus meds, which is a pretty good frame of mind for reading a book about designer drugs and God. Not that I would recommend you do that when you pick up the finished product. You’ll probably want to have as clear a head as possible, because Afterparty is going to kick the top off your skull.

What’s in the book? Well, I already talked about drugs and God. There’s also guilt, a discussion about the neuropsychology of the soul, hot sex, canoes, and bison. Tiny, tiny bison. I’m very happy to see them there.

Should you read this book? Hey, do you like sex, drugs, and tiny bison? The answer is yes. Yes, you should read it.