In early June, Mike Underwood from Angry Robot Books sent me a picture. It was the rough draft of the cover to Windswept. That’s when it hit me: it’s really happening.

Now, it was really happening when I signed my contract with AR. It was happening even more when the check cleared. But I’m weird, in that I don’t think something’s going to happen until I see the thing itself. And, while I don’t have the real, physical book in my hands, that rough sketch was a concrete step toward publication.

It took a few weeks of back-and-forth until AR came back with a draft that everyone agreed on. I opened the email and saw my cover. Then I had to wait until the public unveiling, which happened yesterday. Click on the picture below to look at a bigger version (and, as a bonus, the first chapter).

Art by Jessica Smith. Find her at
Art by Jessica Smith. Find her at

Isn’t that cool? Jessica Smith is the artist, and I’m really happy with the way she captured Padma, the Ghosts, and Santee City. Plus I got a cool blurb from my friend Daryl Gregory.

There’s still work to do. There are edits and marketing plans and convincing a few bar owners to let me and a bunch of people show up so I can read and sell books. And there’s the fun of the actual release (which you can help by pre-ordering a copy). But, for now, I got a cover. Soon, I’ll have a book.