Printed copies of Andy Remic's "The Dragon Engine" and my book. WHEEE!

Stuff is happening, people.

First, Windswept is back from the printer, as you can see here.

Printed copies of Andy Remic's "The Dragon Engine" and my book. WHEEE!
Printed copies of Andy Remic’s “The Dragon Engine” and my book. WHEEE!

There it is, sitting next to Andy Remic‘s The Dragon Engine, a copy of which I just got. A box of books is winging its way here. A box of my book. Which I wrote. I did. I’m very excited and have no idea what I’m going to do with this box of books. Maybe I’ll make a fort.

Second, this means I have to sell this book, and that means going on a book tour. Actually, it doesn’t, but going on a book tour is a great excuse to travel and see people. If you come to these events and say the magic words “Padma Mehta sent me,” I will have things for you. Free things. Free physical things. Not some ridiculous virtual goods. I’m talking stuff you can put in your hot little hands.

So! Here’s where I will be in the next forty-four days:

  • August 20-23, Spokane, WA: Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention
    I’m not on any official programming, but I’ll be leading an unofficial event on August 21st at 8am with Mur Lafferty called Wrun With Writers. Think of it as Strolling With The Stars, only faster. We’re handing out ribbons, so please RSVP to reserve yours. Also, my cybernetic overlords at Angry Robot Books will have a booth, and I will likely be loitering there, handing out Windswept schwag, provided you say the magic words (see above).

    UPDATED: I now have Scheduled Loitering Hours at the Angry Robot Books booth. Come over and say hi from 11am-1pm on Friday and 1pm-4pm on Saturday.

  • September 6, 3-6pm, Culver City, CA: Rice and Rum – The Official Launch! Oh, yes. We’ll be at Sunny Blue, one of my favorite eateries, and there will be omusubi for all. Mysterious Galaxy Books will be on hand to sell copies of Windswept. It’ll be a PG-13 reading, so feel free to bring your kids. Please RSVP by September 1 so we know how many to expect.
  • September 13, 5-7pm, Seattle, WA: Wrumba And Writers! I’m going to be in Seattle for a family event, so why not pop into the local rum bar and do a reading? Plus, I’m buying empanadas, so please RSVP by September 6 so I know how many to get. Windswept will be on sale from a vendor to be announced, but it will be a real vendor, not just my brother selling books out of the back of a ’72 Buick Skylark. (Note to my brother: you should totally get a ’72 Skylark for future book events.)
  • September 19, 2-3pm, San Diego, CA: Tacos and Tecate! The nice people at Mysterious Galaxy invited me to read and sign with Greg Van Eekhout and Fran Wilde. Greg’s new book Dragon Coast and Fran’s new book Updraft will be available, as will the aforementioned Tecate and tacos. Oh, and Windswept, too. No need to RSVP, so just show up!
  • November 5-8, Saratoga Springs, NY: The 2015 World Fantasy Convention. No official programming for me, but, really, WFC is all about the bar. I will be bringing a suitcase full of interesting snacks and handing out schwag. The snacks are free, but for the schwag, you gotta say the magic words.

Future dates to be announced as I book them. Remember the magic words!