I’ve been busy moving boxes around (a bunch of people are going to show up next week with jackhammers to tear up our basement in order to keep it from flooding), so I haven’t had time to sit down and write this: HOLY CRAP, MY BOOK GOT NOMINATED FOR THE PHILIP K. DICK AWARD!!!

It really is an honor to be nominated, especially since I’m in such good company. Congratulations to Brenda, Mez, Douglas, PJ, and Marguerite. Thank you to the judges. Thank you to the orbiting intelligence that is simulating Philip K. Dick’s alien hivemind. It was very cool to get the email and to have my phone ping all morning with lovely notes from lovely people.

Now, this brings us around to the Hugo Awards. WINDSWEPT is absolutely, completely, totally eligible for this year’s Hugo Award for Best Novel. If you read it and really think it was the best novel you read in 2015, and if you’re a member of MidAmericon II or Sasquan, you can nominate my book by clicking here. I would be really happy if you did. By the way, I am no longer eligible for the Campbell Award, so please use your nominations for someone who is (like Alyssa Wong, Sunil Patel, Megan E. O’Keefe, or others who have made their first pro sale within the past two years).

What am I going to nominate? I haven’t read as much as I should have this past year, but there are some stories and books I really, really liked.

Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel José Older
The Ark by Patrick Tomlinson
Pacific Fire by Greg Van Eekhout

La Bestia by Stephen Blackmoore
Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers by Alyssa Wong
Marcie’s Waffles Are The Best In Town by Sunil Patel
Tuesdays with Molakesh The Destroyer by Megan Grey

Blackstar by David Bowie. Yes, that David Bowie. The video was directed by Johan Renck; the studio is Columbia Records.

Phil Jourdan (who edited WINDSWEPT and LIKE A BOSS)

I would be even happier if you looked at and nominated the works that are in this spreadsheet and on this wiki. I’m going to do my best to fill in the many, many blanks in my ballot because a) good work should be read and recognized, and b) slates suck. They suck so, so hard. If you’re thinking of adding my book to a slate, please don’t. Add it because you like it, not because you want to stick it to somebody or counter-stick it to somebody who wants to stick it to you. Also, buy twenty-seven copies.

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