A year ago today, WINDSWEPT was released upon an unsuspecting public. It was a long trip from that bar in Waikiki to holding the finished paperback in my hands, and I’m glad so many of you have come along for Padma’s adventures. From the launch party at Sunny Blue, to the Welcome To Seattle And Hey You Published A Book party at Rumba on Pike, to the Philip K. Dick Award ceremony to standing at the Angry Robot Books booth with my colleagues, it’s been a hell of a year.

I have no idea what’s next for Padma. Well, I do, but whether those stories be published or not is out of my hands. I can always hope that enough people will buy my books to convince Angry Robot to take a chance on a third book, and I can always hustle to sell some more. This past year has also taught me that there is no magic formula for success as an author. There’s just a lot of writing, editing, and gnashing of teeth with moments of grace in between. There’s also the realization that I’m an author, and that means I get to tell stories for a living. That’s awesome.

So, happy birthday, WINDSWEPT. I hope you keep selling.