Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, you’re wondering where my writing is. Well, friends, it’s going to be appearing live at Norwescon, and in digital formats right in your earholes.

Let’s talk audio first. I’m stoked to tell you that Windswept is coming out from Graphic Audio in a week. Like A Boss will follow a month later. GA did the excellent adaptations of Ms. Marvel, and I’m really excited to hear how they’re going to bring Padma to life. Also, the direction is a fan of Firesign Theater, so I know my work is in good hands. You should buy all of these things right now.

Now, the live stuff. I’m going to be at Norwescon this Thursday and Friday. You can find me at these places, or at the bar thumb-wrestling with my Twitter Bestie, Patrick Tomlinson.

Beat Writer’s Block
Cascade 13
5–6 p.m.
Stuck in a story? Writers lead a series of quick exercises that have helped them get past obstacles. Bring pen, paper, laptop, or whatever you need to write.
James C. Glass (M), Adam Rakunas, Catherine Cooke Montrose, Marta Murvosh

SFWA: What Is It, Where Is It Going, and Why Should You Care?
Cascade 3&4
6–7 p.m.
Panelists will discuss the origin and history of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), what the organization does for professional F&SF writers and the genre, and what its direction will be in coming years.
Cat Rambo (M), Django Wexler, Adam Rakunas, John Walters

Interview and Q&A with Angry Robot
Grand 2
1–2 p.m.
Adam Rakunas (M), Marc Gascoigne, Mike Underwood

Reading: Adam Rakunas
Cascade 2
3:30–4 p.m.
The Throne Oath. Six student magicians lead a revolution against their government. It does not go as planned. Rated PG.
Adam Rakunas (M)