You made an attempt.

It’s been a busy year, as you can see from the lack of everything here. I haven’t updated in a year, which is how blogs are supposed to go, as far as I’m concerned. You get a mad burst of verbiage, followed by a thunderous silence as you get to work on other stuff that doesn’t appear here until it’s done.

The big stuff isn’t done, though I have one bit of small stuff for you: I published a short story at the end of October! And I got paid for it! With money! That’s a victory, as far as I’m concerned. Writing is good. Writing for pay is better.

The story is called “To Plant A Tree,” and the fabulous Kate Lechler┬ánarrated it. I hope you like it. I also hope that, if you like it and you’re a member of SFWA, you put it on the Nebula Recommended Reading list and put it on your nominating ballot under Best Short Story. If you’re a member of Worldcon, you can nominate it for Hugo. If you’re a member of the Nobel Committee, then you can’t do anything ’cause I think that committee imploded. Maybe get a coffee and work on destroying that institutional sexism? That’d be great.

EDITED TO ADD SOMETHING I FORGOT which that I wrote a novelette-length work called “The Many Ends of the Regent” back in 2016. It sat on my hard drive because I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so, in a fit of coffee-induced pique, I self-published it under a pseudonym for reasons I can’t remember in July 2018. It’s brief and cathartic and available here.

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