The Accelerando Age

So, after reading Jason’s latest, I’ve been thinking about science fiction. It happens. I think we’re coming back around to the main thesis of the Golden Age, that technology can advance mankind. All those pulp stories about rocket ships piloted by chisel-jawed adventurers and green-skinned beauties of questionable moral character […]

Important Stuff to Read

We Fictionados have homework for the first time: list your favorite stories, genre and not. In compiling this list, I’ve realized how poorly read I am. So: Short Story or Novella “My Name is Aram” and “The Journey to Hanford” by William Saroyan “The Stars My Destination” by Alfred Bester […]

Restatement of Purpose

This is something I do every now and then. It’s one thing to do something poetic and write out life goals and burn the paper and scatter the ashes to the four winds while a ten-piece Incan pipe band plays in the background, but who has time for that shit? […]

Thus Beginneth the Whoring

Well, not yet. But in about 24 hours, the Internet Archive will (I hope) approve the podcast I just uploaded. It’s me reading a story I wrote called “Making Numbers.” It’s making the rounds, but I thought it’d be worth sharing now. I got the idea after hearing Cory Doctorow […]

One Throw

I’ve been wrestling with two different stories for the past week. They both could be good, except that I’ve been too damn lazy to get up and write. This is why I only have two things sent out to the world instead of the five zillion that Jason, Andrew and […]

Sweet baby Bic!

Well, I sure feel like a pussy after seeing this. I now have no reason to complain about time, technology, or much of anything regarding writing. When you can take the pen from my hand…

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