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So, the good folks at Downhill Battle have released BlogTorrent, a nifty tool that allows any schmoe to turn big ass files into bit torrents and upload them into files that have an extractor and downloader thingamegimme mixed in. And it all works, supposedly, without any stupidity. I like this […]


Almost forgot: Dan Santat, who was kind enough to illustrate my short novella, “Greaseguns & Feathers,” has a book of his own in real live bookstores: “The Guild of Geniuses”. It’s a children’s book, but it’s the kind of children’s book that adults will dig, too. It’s got giant robots, […]


Something I should mention: I joined a writing group about a month ago, and it’s been the motivation I’ve been missing for a good long while. Motivation isn’t quite strong enough; lighting a fire under my ass, that’s more like it. Our group is called the Fictionados. We have a […]


So, I joined a writer’s group a few weeks ago, and it’s reminded me of one thing: there are many, many, many people who are better writers than I am, and I need to pracitce like hell if I ever want to leave the glamorous world of consulting behind for […]

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