Here’s Your Smart Future – Cycling

When you race in a criterium, you’re supposed to keep up with the main pack. You save energy drafting off the guy in front of you, and the farther toward the front, the less energy you spend yo-yoing after everyone. If you fall behind and are about to be lapped, […]

Damn, damn, damn

I didn’t know Barbara Warren, but I rode past her on Saturday. The ambulances had just arrived, and there were two people on the pavement, one upright and dazed, the other flat on the ground. Both were bloody. I’m assuming she was the one lying down. Triathlons are supposed to […]

DNF, but no puking!

Good gravy, but that hurt. I only managed four (or maybe three?) laps before my legs and pride completely gave out. I just couldn’t hack the pace (at least 28 mph, the highest my computer got) and dropped behind after the second turn. But Paul, one of my teammates (and […]

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