A quick word about voting

In 2014, I volunteered for a friend’s city council campaign. What started as a simple request to help him and his manager understand the software they were using to keep track of voters turned into a full-time job that consumed my summer and autumn. It was exhausting and exasperating, but, […]

Dear Councilman Shriver…

Hi, Bobby! It’s your old buddy, Adam. Remember me? You called me last November and asked me to vote for you, and I said I wouldn’t because you were promoting that ballot measure that the I’ve-Got-Mine Homeowners association was pushing? Of course you remember me. We’re buds! Anyway, remember how […]

Quick Thoughts

1) Not a crushing win this time, but a setup for 2012’s landslide. All of those organizers who turned a lot of red counties purple aren’t going away; they’ll be activated for Congressional races in 2010 and for some serious work for Obama’s re-election. 2) Holy crap, I just typed […]

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