Shanghai – New Asia Hotel

This is the problem with travel: you start out with all sorts of plans for keeping a journal, giving the people back home your insight into the mysteries of far Cathay, but after a few days you just want to sleep. That’s what I did this morning, despite the best […]

Shanghai – Pudong Airport Ramada

Call me a wussbag, but I am incredibly comforted by the familiarity of a Western hotel. I can get all freaky-deaky native when I get to Chengdu tomorrow, but now, I just want a room that looks like every other I’ve stayed in. Now going to collapse. Trans-Pacific flights suck […]


Since it’s 500 yen/day for wifi, I’ll wait to post this until I get to Shanghai, where it will be even more expensive, just ’cause that’s the way the Ramada will probably work. Things I’ve learned so far: 1) ANA flight attendants are adorable with their purple neck scarves that […]

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