I am alive. I have to remind myself of that every now and then, especially in these odd months when the seasons change and the entire world gets tossed up in the air like a jigsaw puzzle. In all of this, all of the twisting and turning and weirdness, I […]


I have the funny feeling that I’ve just been set completely free. I’m sitting here, head cocked, wondering what that thumping sound is in my soul’s chest. Oh, yeah. That would be my heart. Been a little while since I’ve heard that. Nice to have it back Wonder who I’m […]


A spark is what happens when current tries to leap across a gap. Sometimes, the damn thing just won’t work; the gap is too wide. If both sides touch, you don’t really see much, either. Juice flows, but it’s nothing that exciting. When there’s some distance, some separation, however, and […]

Turn It On

I don’t know where this is going. I really have never had a clue what was happening, even though I’ve undertaken mad steps to see if I can take a peek under the hood to see just how the gears of the world work. I have engaged in the beginnings […]

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